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The Importance of a Healthcare Team

By May 9, 2018No Comments

YM and IVRx are proud to team up and offer premium, luxe therapies in an unprecedented way—as a team. Research shows a team of medical professionals improves patient outcomes. Now, patients can find this profoundly advantageous health model in the same building.


A Team of Providers—under One Roof

Pubilc health and policy makers along with medical professionals see the benefits of having a medical one-stop shop. It’s exhausting for patients to go through the layered system of referrals. It adds wait-time for the patient causing more unease—as well potentially progressing disease.


A Team of Medical Providers

Now, with the sweeping partnership with IVRx, individuals can have PREMIUM, LUXE, and COMPREHENSIVE treatment for an array of needs.

With three medical providers in one location, a person can see an anti-aging specialist and integrative medicinal provider to deliver more targeted therapies for immediate resolve.

YM and IVRx can treat fatigue, overweight issues, dehydration, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, LYuniquee’s Disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, and cancer.


Having the Right Mindset about Illnesses

Some of these conditions are overlapping. YM and IVRx understand the complex relationships between these medical conditions and is dedicated to treating the patient holistically with research-based therapies.

As the world is becoming more modernized as well as more advanced with scientific understanding, compartmentalizing different illnesses does not serve the patient. Having a complete understanding of disease comorbidity including its current prevalence will help prevent and treat individuals.

(In fact, did you know that women who have migraines are more susceptible to getting MS? There are many other examples of specific conditions as precursors to more serious disease. Keep in touch to stay up-to-date by signing up for our weekly eNewsletter here.)


Open and Effective Communication—A Peaceful Clinic

YM and IVRx practices being close and supportive, open and trusting, resourceful and effective to patients—but, also, to one another. YM and IVRx pride themselves on having a team mentality and peaceful work environment. It’s just better for patients—that’s the number one priority.

YM and IVRx as a whole is categorized as a performing health model, and research proves this drastically increases positive patient outcomes. This health unit possesses the characteristics and values of an exceptional healthcare team.


Patient-Provider Shared-Decision Making—You’re Part of the Team

When it comes to working with a provider, it can seem hard to be “in the room”—even when you’re actually in the room. Traditionally, the provider-patient relationship looked something like this:

A person would show up at the clinic with a chief concern or a recurring health condition. After some explanation, the provider would perform a physical exam and then decide the course of treatment and place orders for tests and medications.

However, the clinical experience is shifting—and YM and IVRx embrace that. Patients need to be included in the clinical decision-making process. As a result, patients will have more autonomy and power to help determine care plans with their team of medical providers.


Patients are the Number One Priority

Patients always have and will be the number one priority for YM. That is why this exciting partnership between YM and IVRx was formed. Individuals can be treated for multiple conditions in an ethical and supportive manner. No unnecessary prescriptions, superfluous supplementations, or irritating wait-times to see a provider—just optimal wellness, cutting-edge therapies, and YOU feeling better than ever.

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