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Poly Nutraceuticals—the Positives & Negatives

By May 2, 2018No Comments

It’s common knowledge these days that people can be over-prescribed medications. Being on too much medication can have drastic and negative consequences on your health—(namely, liver damage.) Researchers are now discovering that America’s obsession with supplements could also be causing significant damage.


The Balance Between Too Much and Too Little

Supplements can be very beneficial to people that are actually at risk of not having enough micronutrients in the diet. Their original intention was to treat individuals suffering from malnutrition—(i.e.; scurvy). Now, there is every vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient in the book manufactured into a capsule with purported health benefits. But could the content nutraceuticals deliver be dangerously building up in our bodies?

It’s not only important to be hyper-vigilant about the overuse of supplementation for your health, but also for your bank account. Some individuals report spending up to $400-500 on supplements each month—(the price of a health insurance premium!) This is not normal and certainly not what you need to reach optimal health.


How Can I Determine Which Supplements Are Beneficial for My Health

As always, talk to your medical provider. BUT, there are a couple of things to ask your provider—and consider.

  1. Be wary of medical providers or clinics that have supplement stores. Supplement stores—online and in-house—are another way to increase the dollar amount of a patient’s visit. It’s basically upselling the patient.
  2. Ask your medical provider if they practice Targeted Nutrient Therapy as well as what exactly the supplement will treat.
  3. Make sure medical providers are supplementing your care and not your income. (The supplement business is a $28 billion industry!)


Real Supplementation Starts within

Real supplementation starts deep within the body on a molecular level. Regarding oral supplementation, the majority of the nutritional content is passed through the gastrointestinal system and not absorbed into the bloodstream—(that is why it is extremely important to make sure your provider is practicing Targeted Nutrient Therapy.)

IV Therapy is the best way to supplement the body. The nutrients go directly into the bloodstream. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of supreme hydration.

Bio-identical hormones or peptide therapy are other treatments that can help prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions supplements allegedly treat—and they’re proven methods.


The Takeaway

Always talk to your medical provider about supplementation. The body has an amazing ability to take care of itself, and most likely does not need daily nutraceutical to reach optimal wellness. Proven anti-aging treatments, as well as targeted IV supplementation, will get you on the right to feel and look your best.

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