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The Yunique Goal

Therapies Based on Science and Perfected With Art

At Yunique Medical, we rely on our extensive knowledge base and expertise to understand our clients’ unique symptoms and requirements. In an atmosphere where clients can openly discuss issues without fear of judgment and receive reliable information and truths, we ensure our clients actively participate in their wellness journey. Yunique Medical was founded with the sole objective of helping men and women optimize their lives. We believe the medical industry must go one step beyond prevention and disease management and into optimization.

Thanks to recent medical breakthroughs, we have a strong understanding of the factors that play a crucial role in making you feel fatigued, exhausted, tired, older, and less yourself. Instead of simply accepting these symptoms as a natural part of aging, we encourage our clients to shift their viewpoint and expect more. We leverage the latest scientific breakthroughs to help our clients optimize their hormone levels, achieve the optimal micronutrient balance, and restore the delicate balance their bodies need to function at optimal capacity. After all, you deserve to feel your best, no matter your age!

Founder Larry Siegel, APRN


Founder of Yunique Medical

Larry is the founder and lifeblood of Yunique Medical, which has gradually expanded into several clinics in Central Florida, including Fruitland Park (The Villages), Ocala, Port Orange, and Orlando. Not satisfied with just administering medicine, Larry’s goal is to offer sustainable solutions for the underlying cause of his client’s symptoms while prioritizing clear, evident, and tangible results.

Larry is passionate about discovering the best therapies to optimize the human body, allowing it to function at optimal capacity. Through YM, he aims to put the human back into the medical experience, ensuring his clients are understood and treated at the cellular level. He was born and raised in Ocala and currently lives in Ponce Inlet with his wife and their dog Tilly.

Top-Notch Patient Care

With over 7000 pellet procedures and thousands of short chain amino acid cycles under his belt, Larry is an expert in his field and a member of the American Academy of Anti Aging (A4M) and several short chain amino acid therapy organizations. With a commitment to top-notch patient care and life-changing results, Larry has separated himself from the pack and earned recognition with accolades such as Gator100 and Inc 5000 regionals. He is a modern-day alchemist who has made a name for himself in the wellness industry.

Education and Credentials

Larry completed his education and graduated from the University of Florida. He gained a wealth of experience working as an ICU nurse for eight years, following which he worked at an urgent care center. He also spent six years developing HCG and lipotropic programs for a national weight-loss company while serving on their medical advisory board.

Larry also has specialized training in hormone pellet therapy, IV therapy, ozone therapy, and UBI therapy. He is a clinical fellow IPS (International Peptide Society) and is certified as an IPS mastermind. He is also trained by the SSRP (Seeds Scientific Research and Performance) Institute as an SSRP elite mastermind. He is a highly acclaimed and respected medical professional specializing in functional medicine.

Lauren Mirza APRN

Lauren Mirza APRN is a Florida native born and raised in Orlando.  She completed her Adult Nurse Practitioner degree through the University of Central Florida.

Lauren’s experience has been in infectious disease, wound care, hormone optimization, and primary care. She has worked in both hospital and outpatient settings during this time. She holds certifications from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the Wound Care Education Institute, Institute of Hyperbaric Medicine, and Aesthetic Medical Educators Training for botox and fillers.

Yunique Medical staff member Lauren Mirza, APRN

Lauren has always enjoyed her time as a nurse practitioner as she loves building long-lasting relationships with her patients.  Each patient is important to her and she feels that a non-rushed environment where she can provide proper preventative care is essential. Over time Lauren has found an increased interest in preventative care, alternative therapies, and herbal medicine. She focuses on wellness and promotes activities that help to improve quality of life and longevity both physically and mentally.

In her spare time, Lauren also enjoys travel, playing sports, and spending time with her four children and their hobbies of basketball, jujitzu, and horseback riding. She likes to play soccer, cook, and spend time with friends. Lauren’s favorite saying is that, “yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s a dream, today is reality, live in the moment and make the best of it”.

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