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Are you frustrated with failed weight loss attempts?

Are you frustrated with failed weight loss attempts? You’re not alone. Most weight loss programs fail because they’re not personalized according to your body and needs. Another reason weight loss programs fail is because they’re based on unsustainable diet fads. You might lose a few pounds in the short term, but as soon as you return to eating normally, the weight will pile back on. This yo-yo dieting is not only frustrating, but it’s also really bad for your health.

If you’re fed up with failed weight loss attempts, it’s time to find a new approach. What works for your friend may not work for you. That’s because we all have different bodies, with different metabolisms and hormonal makeup. Furthermore, exercise and diet alone aren’t enough to address the physiological barriers to weight loss, such as genetics and hormonal imbalances. Yunique offers a unique weight loss program based on scientifically advanced therapies, ensuring safe, consistent, and, most importantly, sustainable results.

Man measuring his waist after weight loss therapy

You are unique, and so is your weight loss plan

Your weight loss plan should be based on your unique circumstances, including your current weight, height, body type, activity level, medical history, and food preferences. It’s also important to consider your lifestyle, underlying medical conditions, thyroid issues, immune status, stress, inflammation, oxidative stress, and more. Our medical team thoroughly evaluates your physiological health and biomarkers to construct a personalized weight loss plan.

Our weight loss plan strikes a balance between science and artistry. We use the latest scientific capabilities to understand and evaluate your biomarkers and hormonal makeup, following which we offer a unique combination of hormone treatments, medications, and nutritional support. But we personalize the weight loss plan according to your unique anatomy and goals, elevating the science of weight loss into artistry.

The elements of your personalized weight loss plan

Prescription Medications

We may prescribe certain medications to help with weight loss, such as appetite suppressants or fat blockers. Appetite suppressants can kill or reduce your hunger pangs, thus allowing you to stick to your diet with greater ease. Meanwhile, fat blockers prevent your body from absorbing fat from the food you consume, which minimizes weight gain.

Hormone Optimization

For some people, hormone imbalances, such as low testosterone, can contribute to weight gain. We optimize your hormone levels with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which involves inserting plant-derived hormone pellets underneath your skin. The hormone pellets release a steady stream of the chosen hormones to regulate your hormone levels, reduce appetite, and help you keep off weight.

Cellular Optimization

We can help your cells become more efficient at burning fat by providing them with the nutrients they need. We do this through IV therapy, which delivers nutrients directly to your cells. We also offer peptide therapy, which involves delivering specialized peptides that increase your metabolism and fat-burning capabilities. Cellular optimization improves the results of your weight loss efforts.


In some cases, supplementation may be needed to help with weight loss. We may recommend supplements such as vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. Dietary supplements can give your body the boost needed to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Nutrition Support

Eating a healthy diet is vital for weight loss. We can help you make healthy food choices and develop a nutritious meal plan. Our weight loss experts also help you develop a healthier relationship with food, so you can continue eating the food you enjoy in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Don’t just lose weight… keep it off!

Only 5% of all dieters succeed in losing weight long term. Comparatively, 100% of Yunique clients lose and keep off weight after undergoing our personalized medical weight loss plan. That’s because we take a dynamic, personalized, and holistic approach to weight loss. Our medical professionals also offer the ongoing support you need to stick to your weight loss plan and conquer your obstacles. We ensure that your weight loss plan is truly sustainable.

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Why choose Yunique Medical?

Yunique Medical is committed to helping you lead an optimal lifestyle. We firmly believe that feeling okay isn’t good enough… we empower you to feel like the best version of yourself. Weight loss plays an important role in your overall health and wellness, which is why we implement scientifically-proven strategies to help you lose weight and keep it off. Our weight loss plans are scientific, personalized, and, most importantly, sustainable.

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