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At Yunique Medical, we believe that the path to medical advancements lies in rigorous research and innovative studies. Our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare drives us to actively participate in clinical research and studies, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries that can transform lives. By collaborating with renowned scientists, esteemed academic institutions, and visionary medical professionals, we are actively engaged in conducting comprehensive studies across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Semaglutide’s Impact on Epigenetic Aging Research Trial

Semaglutide is the fastest growing prescription in the US for its ability to help with weight loss, diabetes, and insulin resistance. Despite its frequent use, the impacts on gene transcription and its impact on aging has never been quantified. This is especially important as age is the number one risk factor for all chronic disease and death.

As a result, we have chosen to perform a study with the aim of investigating the longitudinal methylation changes which occur with Semaglutide treatment. From this data, we will be able to find important clinical insights such as Semaglutide’s impact on immune cell subsets, aging biomarkers, and many metabolites and protein biomarkers. We also will be able to look at what genes are upregulated or downregulated through administration which might help us postulate unknown benefits or drawbacks not previously described.

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We will also collect important clinical information in the process as well. This will include advanced body composition testing, lab testing, and side effects and quality of life surveys. From this, we anticipate we might be able to create a companion diagnostic which can predict those who will benefit from weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity and we might be able to predict side effects such as nausea, pancreatitis, muscle mass loss and more.

We believe that looking at this biomarker will improve our understanding of how, when, and why to use the medication and help uncover other associations which will be important for the millions of people across the world who use this medication.

IRB: Tru-012-2022
Research Partner: True Diagnostic

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