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Referral Card Raffle

By June 12, 2018November 2nd, 2022No Comments

Ready to Win a Free Pellet Insertion?

YM is hosting an exciting event this June & July! Patients can pick up referral cards—(pick up as many as you like!)—to win a free pellet insertion on the subsequent procedure.


Here’s How To Play

  1. Pick up referral cards at YM—feel free to ask our staff how to use them!
  2. Write your name and email in the designated area of the cards in preparation of passing them out to your friends (see picture below.)
  3. Tear the perforated card down the middle and pass them out to your friends.
  4. Once a friend has redeemed their portion of the card at YM, YOUR NAME will go automatically in the raffle for a free pellet insertion, AND you get $50 off another pellet insertion.
  5. Your friend will get a one-on-one free consult for any of Yunique’s cutting-edge integrative medicine therapies.


The more YOUR referrals redeem the cards, the more times your name will go into the raffle bettering your odds.

We will draw from the raffle and announce the winner at the end of July during a Facebook Live streaming—be sure to tune in that day.


Have Any Questions?

Feel free to call our front desk or stop by the office to get a demonstration. Don’t miss this opportunity!

GET STARTED 352.209.4249