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What is Yunique Medical?

Yunique Medical is a medical center founded on the principles of functional medicine. We help clients identify and address the underlying imbalances contributing to low energy, loss of strength, weight gain, mental fogginess, and low libido. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to systematically dismantle imbalances, restore hormone balance, and reconnect you with your body. YM helps you look and feel optimal.



Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
9:00AM – 5:00PM


870 Dunlawton Ave #310 Port Orange, FL 32127



Restore Balance & Equilibrium

The human body is a complex machine with millions of cogs and gears that must work in perfect balance and synchrony. When your cells, hormones, and micronutrients are perfectly balanced, you feel mentally and physically capable of tackling all challenges. But aging, environmental factors, poor diet, lifestyle factors, and hormonal changes can throw your body off-kilter, leading to stress, anxiety, ED, weight gain, sleep problems, brain fogginess, and low libido.

Our anti aging and wellness center in Port Orange takes a personalized approach to restoring optimal health and wellness. We offer thorough consultations wherein your medical provider discusses your symptoms and lifestyle, reviews the results of your bloodwork and tests, studies your biomarkers, and curates a personalized treatment plan, which may consist of nutrition counseling, hormone optimization, weight loss, peptide therapy, and IV therapy. We essentially fine-tune your body to restore balance, ensuring you look and feel like your younger self.

Hormone Optimization

Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate most of your body’s functions, including metabolic function, sexual function, and immunity. When your hormones are imbalanced, you may suffer from low energy, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and other problems. We optimize your hormones using bioidentical hormone pellets inserted underneath your skin, thus supplementing your body’s natural hormone production. You can finally feel like yourself again.


Peptide Therapy

Short chains of amino acids act as the building blocks of proteins. They can mimic the action of hormones or other signaling molecules to activate your body’s innate healing properties. Peptide therapy can reduce inflammation, heal injuries, improve immunity, regulate metabolism, and reverse the effects of aging on your body. Peptide therapy essentially activates your body’s innate properties to heal itself. Find out more about peptide therapy options at our anti aging and wellness center in Port Orange.


Weight Loss

Most weight loss programs fail to yield sustainable results because they focus exclusively on diet and exercise. We understand that weight gain can also occur because of underlying imbalances and biological processes, such as hormone imbalances, low testosterone, and menopause. Our medically-supervised weight loss program takes a holistic view of weight loss — it includes hormone therapy, supplementation, medications, and nutrition support.

Woman on treadmill smiling after visiting a anti aging and wellness center in Port Orange, FL.

The Yunique Approach

Yunique firmly believes in everyone’s uniqueness. Everyone’s physiology, lifestyle, and ambitions are unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach to functional medicine is doomed to failure. Our medical providers calibrate your treatment plan according to your specific health conditions, symptoms, biomarkers, hormones, lifestyle factors, and goals. At Yunique, individualization isn’t just a buzzword — it’s an intrinsic component of our treatment philosophy.

Prepared for an Elevated Life?

Yunique Medical is here to pave forth the next stage in human evolution — Humans 2.0. We believe modern medicine gives us the tools to understand and reverse the effects of aging and hormonal changes on your body. You don’t have to tolerate the loss of energy and sexual vitality that come with age — you can optimize your mind and body to lead a superior life. If you’re prepared to lead an elevated life, schedule an appointment at our anti aging and wellness center in Port Orange.

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