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12 Tips for Waking Up Earlier and in a Better Mood

By July 22, 2020No Comments

Avoid the manic rush to get ready and start your day fresh with these tips for waking up early.

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In this article:

  1. Assorted Tips for Waking up Early Every Day
  2. Before Bed Tips to Wake up in the Morning
  3. Hack Your Mornings
  4. Tips for Waking up Early With Apps and Gadgets


Tips for Waking up Early and Hacking Your Mornings

Assorted Tips for Waking up Early Every Day

Schedule Sleep and Be Consistent

You book appointments and plan meetings daily. So, why not schedule sleeping? That way, you’ll consistently go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.


A close up of woman meditating at home | Meditate

Meditation isn’t only a helpful tip for waking up early, but also for mental health and happiness. It enables you to go about your day, rooted in calmness.

Make time to meditate, and you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to wake up in the morning.

Keep Water Within Arms Reach

After eight hours of sleep, you’re probably dehydrated. While you think you can put rehydrating off a bit longer, it may contribute to your exhaustion.

Up the ante with refreshing lemon slices and cold water, in a thermal flask, ready and waiting on your nightstand.


Before Bed Tips to Wake up in the Morning

Meticulously Plan and Prep for the Morning

A well-defined plan is more efficient, so include every excruciating detail. Here’s what I mean:

  • Stretch in bed (1 min)
  • Drink a glass of water (1 min)
  • Shower, brush teeth and shave (6 mins)
  • Put on clothes (3 mins)
  • Style hair (1 min)
  • Hit the door

Next, practice night hacking. In other words, prep everything for the following morning before going to bed.

  • Set your coffee maker.
  • Layout what you’ll be wearing or organize your closet into daily outfits on Sunday.
  • Leave your keys, wallet, and all other essentials in the same place, preferably close to the door.
  • Prepare your breakfast. For example, if you’re having a shake or smoothie, add the ingredients to the blender and leave it in the fridge overnight.

The idea is, if you can do it the night before, don’t waste precious minutes on it in the morning.

Open Your Curtains

Sunlight signals your body to wake up. According to a study, daytime light enhances alertness and performance. So, partially open your blinds or curtains before bed to let sunlight in.

In some cases, sleeping with your curtains open isn’t an option (see our next tip). Luckily, bright artificial light can also help you feel more alert early in the morning.

Sleep Naked

Comfortable bedtime attire is, well, comfortable. But, sleeping in the buff feels better and comes with a ton of scientifically proven benefits, including:

  • Better quality sleep
  • Improved mood
  • More confidence
  • Less belly fat
  • Reduced stress
  • Higher growth hormone levels (anti-aging)
  • More sex

All you have to do is take your clothes off.

Because you’ll wake up feeling rested, better sleep quality alone is more than enough reason to go bare.

If you’re still not convinced, sleeping naked means you don’t have to get undressed in the morning. It may not seem like much, but you’ll have one less step in your morning routine.

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Hack Your Mornings

Don’t Snooze

Whatever you do, don’t snooze your alarm. It will only make you feel foggy and mess with your internal clock. Trust me, the extra five minutes of sleep isn’t worth it.

Stretch in Bed or Try Acupressure

Standard tips for waking up early usually include jumping out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. However, a harsh sound and getting up straight away, add unnecessary stress to your morning.

Instead, do a few stretches in bed to wake up peacefully, and get the blood flowing. Acupressure may also help you feel less fatigued and more alert.

Use Your Shower Wisely

Man taking a shower washing hair with shampoo product under water falling | Use Your Shower Wisely

Once you’re out of bed, walk straight to the bathroom. Save the long hot showers for night time. An optimized early morning shower can shave time off your routine and leave you feeling energized.

Look for ways to make the most of your shower session. For instance, use a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and brush your teeth in the shower.

Get more out of an early morning shower with aromatherapy. Scents like citrus, peppermint, and eucalyptus can help you feel more alert. A whiff of citrus shampoo might be just what you need early in the morning.

If speed showering is not for you, brainstorm ideas for the meeting you have later or plan your day. Besides, if Woody Allen finds inspiration in the shower, so can you.


Tips for Waking up Early With Apps and Gadgets

Program Your Java

The aroma of coffee may reduce the stress-related effects of sleep deprivation. Invest in a programmable coffeemaker and set the timer to start brewing as soon as you wake up. You’ll have fresh coffee waiting for you and save some time in the process.

Get a Smart Alarm or Use Sleep Tracking Apps

During the night, we experience different sleep stages. Mornings when your alarm goes off during the deepest sleep stage, are the worst.

Instead of hoping your alarm sounds during light sleep, take full advantage of sleep cycles with smart alarms and apps. It monitors where you are in your sleep cycle and gently wakes you up at the optimal time.

These alarms usually start with soft sounds that get louder over a few minutes. Or try a sunrise simulating alarm clock, particularly if you have to wake up when it’s still dark out.

DJ Your Morning

Besides helping you wake up, your playlist can keep you on schedule.

First, a steady beat in the background can help you get ready faster. And if you listen to the same playlist daily, you can gauge how much time you have left based on the song playing.

In short, you don’t have to rely on a splash of cold water on your face to wake up early. You also don’t have to be miserable in the mornings. Combine these tips for waking up early in a way that suits your needs best. And remember, it may take some getting used to, but anyone can be an early riser.


Got any more useful morning hacks? Share your tips for waking up early in the comment section! 

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