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4 Long Haulers Syndrome Facts You Didn’t Know About

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While most people restore their health entirely within a few weeks after infection, many have lingering symptoms even after testing negative. Long haulers syndrome is getting attention from both the patients and doctors. This article discusses four long haulers syndrome facts that you didn’t know.

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4 Facts You Should Know About Long Haulers Syndrome

The first question you should be able to answer before looking into the facts: What is long haulers syndrome? It refers to the persistence of respiratory symptoms and other symptoms such as tiredness, fuzzy thinking, and sleep problems. Long haulers syndrome can last for weeks to months after infection.


Your Immune System Continues to Respond Even After the Infection Has Gone


One possible explanation concerning the cause of long haulers syndrome is that the virus may persist in some small form in their bodies. Another explanation is that their immune systems respond even after the infection has disappeared, causing immune dysregulation.

According to research, the lasting immune dysregulation might cause long haulers syndrome. However, there was no apparent connection between the severity of the infection and the severity of immune dysregulation after infection. Even in individuals with mild illness, immune dysregulation was evident. Researchers will continue to monitor how the immune system responds in the long run.


Long Haulers Syndrome Affects About 10% of Individuals Regardless of Age


According to a study in the UK where people enter their ongoing symptoms on a smartphone app, around 10% of individuals suffer from lingering symptoms lasting over three weeks after infection. Some people even have long haulers syndrome for months.

Long haulers syndrome can affect anyone regardless of age and health condition. Old, young, healthy people and those battling other diseases have all been reported to have long haulers syndrome. It has also been seen in hospitalized patients and patients with very mild symptoms.


Brain Fog Is Among the Most Debilitating Symptoms of Long Haulers Syndrome


Long haulers syndrome creates a wide range of medical problems, including respiratory, cardiac, or neurological symptoms that are persistent or progressive. The most common long haulers syndrome symptoms include:

  • Coughing
  • Persistent or severe fatigue
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog


Brain fog is one of the most confusing and debilitating symptoms. Patients report being unusually forgetful, confused, or unable to stay focused for a long time. Brain fog occurs among many patients, including those not admitted to the hospital.

Apart from the common symptoms, some other less prevalent cardiac and neurological symptoms among individuals with long haulers syndrome include:


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Zofin Can Be a Potential Treatment Option for Long Haulers Syndrome


In response to the increasing reports of long haulers syndrome, Zofin released by Organicell appears to be an option under investigation for long haulers treatment.


About Organicell

Organicell is a biotechnology company dedicated to researching, developing, and producing novel biologic medicines, focusing on current and potential regenerative treatments. Organicell is actively investigating the therapeutic safety and efficacy of Zofin in individuals with long haulers syndrome.


What Is Zofin?

Zofin is an acellular biologic comprising extracellular vesicles (EV) of human amniotic fluid. The human amniotic fluid used to produce Zofin is donated by consenting adults through an IRB-approved donor screening process. Containing over 300 growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines, Zofin has the therapeutic potential as a suppressor of cytokine activation to reduce infection severity.


How Does Zofin Work?

In a study involving a 55-year-old male whose symptoms of infection persisted two months after initial hospital admission, administration of Zofin reduced small consolidations in both lungs while eliminating new pulmonary abnormalities on day 4. Improvements in symptoms such as well-inflated and clear lungs continued to be reported days later. On day 60 of the study, the patient performed normal physical activities and returned to work.

Before the treatment, the patient’s oxygen saturation was low at 95%. On day 4, oxygen saturation increased to 97–98%. This level continued to be normal on day 8, ranging between 97-98%, and remained stabilized until day 60. The administration of Zofin in the study was safe without any report of side effects.


Development of Zofin

Organicell aims to move from their proposed phase 1 and 2 trials – safety and proof of concept trials – to more extensive phase 3 trials for the development of Zofin. The outcomes of these phase 3 trials may benefit more patients, and the product can acquire FDA approval.

Long haulers syndrome has become increasingly common among individuals who have recovered from infection. Zofin, as the potential treatment option for long haulers syndrome, can help people get rid of the lingering symptoms to achieve a healthy normal life.


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