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Immunity Armor for Flu Season

By October 16, 2018No Comments

Flu and cold season have arrived. The flu virus has become more aggressive over the past five years. People in their mid-30’s with relatively good immune systems have felt the wrath of the flu, even leaving one 35-year-old man in a medically induced coma.

Integrative Medicine professionals claim one of the best ways to boost your immune system is with intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy. Treatments such as the Myers Cocktail—which are commonly found at “IV bars”—deliver vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, directly into the bloodstream. Therapies such as the these seem like a good preventive measure for fighting the flu and cold. YM, however, has something better.

Why IV Nutrient Therapy Is More Targeted at YM

Unlike oral supplements—of which only about 40 percent is absorbed by the body—IV nutrient therapy maximizes the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into your cells and bloodstream. The trending Myers Cocktail offers a good supply of these nutrients, but the Immunity Armor at YM offers even more.

The Immunity Armor is a true high-dose IV nutrient therapy used to upregulate the immune system. You can really consider it a “high-dose” IV treatment because patients are required to have diagnostic lab work and blood work done before receiving it—(as well as any other IV nutrient treatments.)

Getting this therapy done will save an individual time and money. IV nutrient treatments that do not require bloodwork require more “maintenance.” Some clinics do not even specify the number of treatments a patient needs. Using the blood work as the guiding force for a treatment program, YM will lay out a road map to get an individual feeling their best and prepared for dangerous flu seasons.

Why You Should Get Immunity Armor for Flu Season

It’s possible to get the same nutrients from food that the IV nutrient therapy can deliver. However, most diets don’t provide adequate nutritional value. A variety of health and environmental factors impair full digestion of nutrients, leaving most people with the inability to get the vital nutrients needed to maintain optimal health.

The ingestion of higher level of nutrients to repair damage and restore health is necessary when immunity is low. YM’s IV nutrient therapy packages—like the Immunity Armor—bypasses the digestive system and delivers the optimal mix of nutrients directly to the cells.

If you’re interested in IV nutrient therapy and preparing for flu season—the right way—contact YM today to reserve your spot.

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