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Epigenetic Testing: Know Your Biological Age for a Healthier Future

By May 2, 2023May 18th, 2023No Comments

Aging has long been considered a “natural” process that happens to everyone.

However, this conception is gradually becoming outdated as scientists from various disciplines work to establish interventions that slow, stop, and even reverse aging.

But does such a thing exist among us? Is it too good to be true?

The emergence of epigenetic testing as an advanced prognostic technology has opened up endless possibilities for humans to understand our biological age, reverse our aging clock, add more years to our lives, and ultimately achieve longevity.


Achieving Longevity: Reverse Your Aging Clock With Epigenetic Testing

What Is Epigenetic Testing?


Epigenetic testing is a type of genetic testing that examines the changes in gene expression caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, such as pollution, stress, and diet.

Unlike traditional genetic testing that analyzes the DNA sequence, epigenetic testing evaluates how genes are “turned on or off.”

Typically, genes are not always active, and the process of turning genes on or off is called gene expression. It is regulated by epigenetic modifications that various factors can influence, and changes in gene expression can impact our health and aging.

One of the significant benefits of epigenetic testing is its ability to assess biological age, which refers to how our bodies have aged at a molecular level rather than just counting the years we’ve been alive, known as chronological age.

A higher biological age than chronological age indicates an increased risk of diseases and a need for lifestyle changes. Thus, knowing our biological age can provide insight into our health status and help us improve our longevity.

Epigenetic testing also reveals the effects of our lifestyle choices, such as how our diet, exercise habits, and stress levels impact our genes. By understanding these effects, we can make informed choices that help promote healthy aging.

Moreover, epigenetic testing can also help us assess the effectiveness of medical interventions, such as anti-aging supplements and treatments, by measuring the “aging clock” and revealing whether these interventions affect our biological age.


How Does Epigenetic Testing Work?


Epigenetic testing works by examining changes in the patterns of chemical modifications to DNA that can impact gene expression.

During an epigenetic testing process, the user provides a sample of their biological material, which will be used to analyze their epigenetic modifications. The two most common types of testing materials are saliva and blood samples.

In either case, the results will be presented in a report that includes the person’s biological age and recommendations for lifestyle changes that promote healthy aging.

Epigenetic testing utilizes advanced technology, such as next-generation sequencing or microarray analysis. The data is then compared to a reference database to determine the biological age. It can be presented as a numerical value or in a graphical format that shows how biological age compares to chronological age.


How Is Your Biological Age Data Interpreted?


Interpreting the results of an epigenetic test can take time, as the numerical value or graphical format presented in the report may be unfamiliar to an average person.

However, understanding the results of an epigenetic test can provide valuable insight into one’s health and aging status and help guide healthy lifestyle choices. Fortunately, some top brands can make epigenetic testing easy to interpret.

For example, one famous brand that offers epigenetic testing is MyDNAge. They use a blood or urine sample to analyze the epigenetic modifications of the DNA, and the result is presented as a numerical value that represents the individual’s biological age.

The report includes an explanation of what the value means, how it was calculated, and personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes.

One unique benefit of MyDNAge is the user-friendly platform that makes it easy to access and understand the results. Also, the report is presented in an easy-to-read format that can be accessed online anytime, providing users convenient access to their service.


How Much Does Epigenetic Testing Cost?


The cost of epigenetic testing can vary depending on the brand and the test type. Generally, it can be relatively high, considering it is a one-time test. For example, the cost of MyDNAge’s epigenetic test is $299.

However, as mentioned above, the test result comes with long-term assistance that provides personalized recommendations based on the individual’s results.

This add-on can help individuals make positive changes to their lifestyle, improving their health status and extending their lifespan. Thus, the cost of the test is justifiable and can be viewed as a long-term investment in one’s health.

Moreover, knowing our biological age or how fast we’re aging at the cellular level can help us become more aware of how our lifestyle choices affect our health. This consciousness can lead to prompt interventions to prevent bad habits from perpetuating, which can be crucial for preventing age-related diseases.


Where Can You Get Epigenetic Testing?

You can get an epigenetic test from various brands, including:


All these brands offer at-home testing kits that allow users to perform the test independently. The testing kits typically include a blood or urine collection kit, instructions for collecting the sample, and return packaging to return it to the lab.

However, users must ensure that the testing kits are registered to track the sample’s owner to prevent any errors in the analysis.

Once the samples are returned to the lab, scientists use their specialized equipment to analyze them and generate the test results. The result turnaround time may vary depending on the brand and the test type, ranging from several days to weeks.

In addition to at-home epigenetic testing kits, epigenetic testing services are available through healthcare providers like Yunique Medical. We provide additional support and counseling, helping you better understand your test results.


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