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Is Biohacking Just A Wellness Trend?

By August 21, 2021No Comments

Biohacking is a great way for you to get organized and be more proactive about optimizing your health. The biohacking wellness trend is now gaining popularity since its concepts seem interesting and new. Is the hype too good to be true? Find out for yourself.

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What Is the Biohacking Wellness Trend?

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The term “biohacking” can be seen everywhere these days. And because it typically has to do with viewing the body as a system and then adjusting that whole system for maximum wellbeing, I’d say it may absolutely be in line with living a nutritious life.

For many “biohackers,” this entails adopting small, incremental dietary or lifestyle modifications to improve your health and well-being. Some researchers even use it on their own bodies in spectacular ways, as seen in these recent cases of biohackers modifying their own DNA.

Biohacking promises everything from rapid weight loss to improved cognitive function. However, the finest biohacking outcomes are obtained by being well-informed and cautious about what works for your body. This is why it’s becoming increasingly more popular, thanks to its miraculous effects.

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Are There Any Side Effects for the Biohacking Wellness Trend?

Some biohacking techniques may be risk free. Taking some supplements, for example, or adopting dietary adjustments, can both be risk free. Some bodily modifications, such as RFID implants, may be safe when supervised by a medical expert.

DIY bio and grinder experiments are sometimes based on activities that aren’t deemed safe or ethical in research institutions. Experimenting on humans, even if only on oneself, is still considered a major taboo in biology due to the unforeseen effects or harm that might occur.

According to a Brookings Institute research from 2017, biohacking makes science open to everyone while also presenting a slew of new safety issues. Without conventional, controlled research, understanding the long-term implications of modifying genes or experimenting in other ways on individuals can be challenging.

However, you can safely try out the biohacking wellness trend by adopting simple methods such as wearing blue-blocking glasses, going to sleep earlier, eating more vegetables, and increasing your mental health with yoga. In addition, walking bare feet outdoors is proven to improve your mood.


What Is the Difference Between the Biohacking Wellness Trend and Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a broad term that refers to the study of biological processes in order to guide technological progress. Biotechnology may range from making beer using bacterial strains to altering genes with CRISPR.

Biotechnology advances and learnings frequently influence biohacking experiments and vice versa. Many biohackers, for example, employ biotechnology discoveries to generate ideas and data. Biotechnologists often turn to biohacker experiments to inform future paths in biotechnology research.

Moreover, you don’t need biotechnology to begin your biohacking wellness trend. Grinders are the most active users of biotechnology for biohacking objectives. However, changes in habits or diet do not need the use of biotechnology.


What Are the Misconceptions of the Biohacking Wellness Trend?

There are various misconceptions and misunderstood information about the biohacking wellness trend, which include:

It works for everyone. Generally speaking, biohacking can directly impact your body, but in different ways. So it doesn’t mean that if that biohack works for your friends, it’s going to work for you too. Therefore keep in mind that biohacking is highly personal and individual.

Believe everything on the internet. Though the internet is one of the best sources of information available for everyone, it’s not always good to 100% trust what you read or see on it. You might need to go through various sources to get the necessary information for you to begin your biohacking journey.

Biohacking has several advantages. Some forms are simple to do at home and simple to reverse if something goes wrong. Experimenting with oneself without taking the necessary measures might result in unexpected complications and side effects. Therefore, it’s essential for you to talk to your medical professionals before doing some biohacking of your own.


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