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4 Ways To Improve Sleep For Better Health

By April 29, 2021No Comments

Are you tired of being tired?

Sleeping badly affects your physical and mental health. Fall short of a decent night’s sleep regularly, and it can take a serious toll on energy levels, emotional balance, productivity, and even weight. To have better health and to optimize your life, sleeping well is an absolute necessity.

To improve sleep, try out these four unique methods for better health.

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Yunique Shows You Unique Ways to Improve Sleep

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Model-of-serotonin-molecule,-Hormone-of-Happiness | 4 Ways To Improve Sleep For Better Health

We tend to take our hormone balance for granted – until the balance shifts. When hormonal levels start to decline, we can experience nasty symptoms like trouble sleeping, fatigue, and we start to feel older than we want to feel.

BHRT is derived from plants, and this more natural form of symptom relief mirrors the hormone production that happens naturally in our bodies.

When done correctly, happy hormones can lead to more restful sleep and better sex, better skin, less anxiety, and less tummy fat, among many more benefits.


Sleep Trackers


Knowing your sleep patterns is half the battle to understanding how to improve sleep. Sleep trackers can provide valuable insight because they monitor sleep structure and get a clearer picture of the amount of quality sleep you’re getting. This information can then be used by you or any medical professional to support your sleep improvement journey and optimize your sleep experience.

They work by using sensors to detect and monitor heart rate and body movement, for example. The data is fed into a device that uses algorithms to analyze the data and provide results. The data can then be used to improve sleep through different treatments or lifestyle changes.


Peptide Therapy

glass-bottles-droppers-with-anti-age-cosmetic | 4 Ways To Improve Sleep For Better Health

Peptide Therapy is an edgy, groundbreaking medical science that uses peptides (specific amino acid sequences) to tell different parts of the body to enhance the entire body’s function by signaling optimal messages, resulting in better health.

Peptide therapy helps with a broad range of conditions, including insomnia, stress disorders, anxiety, and balancing hormones, to name a few.


Good Nutrition

Selection-of-health | 4 Ways To Improve Sleep For Better Health

Patients striving for improved health, enhanced immune systems, illness prevention, better sleep, and more energy need to ensure their bodies are getting the right amount of balanced nutrients, which are usually lost because of our toxic environment. Over time, our bodies are unable to regenerate naturally, so imbalances in health can result in lack of sleep, illness, and early signs of aging.

A balanced diet is the first step to good nutrition, but it is often difficult to get 100% of the nutrients we need from our food in our fast-paced world. Oral vitamins are an ok supplement; however, they lose much of their efficacy because they have to go through our digestive system first. IV nutrition is a unique alternative as it sees 100% of the powerful nutrients directly into the bloodstream, where they are the most productive. Having the right amount of nutrients can improve sleep and maintain better health long-term.

At YM, we align all our precision therapies such as peptides, senolytics, ultraviolet blood irradiation, strategies for lifestyle changes, and supplementation to deliver real life-changing experiences. Start your wellness journey with YM here!


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