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5 Health Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

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It can be frustrating to suffer from low energy levels throughout the day, affecting your work productivity and overall quality of life. While long-term changes in lifestyle like exercise and stress management can help, what if there is a therapy that enables you to feel better in many ways right off the bat? Read on to learn the five excellent benefits of NAD IV therapy.

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NAD IV Therapy Is What You Need to Retain Youthful Health

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It is considered a substance for anti-aging due to its various essential roles in promoting health and lifespan. In the human body, NAD binds to and activates other enzymes to induce different reactions on a molecular level. However, NAD is age-dependent, meaning that its levels naturally decline with age. This leads to the emergence of NAD IV therapy.

NAD IV therapy involves administering exogenous NAD into the body through intravenous (IV) infusion. The IV compound for NAD therapy contains plenty of vitamins and NAD supplements, allowing for superior bioavailability to other routes of administration. This therapy can efficiently promote various aspects of health and increase overall wellness. Here we discuss the five most essential benefits of NAD IV therapy.


Increasing Energy Levels

happy girl wake up in bed Increasing Energy Levels body ss

Since one of the primary roles of NAD is assisting the conversion of food-derived nutrients into energy for normal body functions, increasing NAD levels in the body allows for higher energy levels. As a result, people with chronic fatigue or low energy levels may benefit from this therapy. Recently, NAD IV therapy has also enhanced some professional athletes’ capacity and performance.


Preserving Brain Function

3D brain with purple background Preserving Brain Function

NAD IV therapy can help preserve the brain’s function by aiding brain cells’ regeneration and protection against damage. The treatment is capable of this since NAD acts as a helper molecule that regulates various cellular processes, including those occurring in the brain. This excellent capacity increases cognition, mental clarity, improved concentration, and enhanced memory.


Boosting Metabolism

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Metabolism or metabolic rate refers to how your body burns calories to maintain itself. Enhanced metabolism is the cornerstone for weight management since faster metabolism allows more energy to be burned at rest and during activity. However, the metabolism naturally slows as we age, leading to difficulties controlling weight or energy levels.

NAD is a critical player in metabolism, acting as a booster in various cellular processes. Increasing NAD levels allows the body to enhance metabolic rate and burn more calories, facilitating the weight management process.


Aiding in Muscle Development

girl with back mucsle Aiding in Muscle Development

Many people believe that growing and maintaining muscle largely depends on the adequate intake of muscle-building protein. Whether you are a gym-goer or just getting started in the fitness industry, it is conventional to put whey protein as your top priority when bulking up. However, little do we know about the role of NAD in the development of our muscles.

Research shows that NAD+, the active form of NAD, dramatically contributes to skeletal muscle development and regeneration. This impact of NAD+ on muscle is due to the high concentration of mitochondria in muscle cells and the influence of NAD+ in mitochondrial production.

Moreover, research shows that NAD+ can even restore muscle deterioration due to aging. As we age, our cells fail to maintain the translation of the protein chains, leading to the formation and accumulation of toxins within the muscles, causing muscle aging and directly damaging mitochondria. NAD+ benefits aged people by activating the defense systems of mitochondria and restoring muscle function.

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Delaying the Aging Process

happy black woman Delaying the Aging Process

Besides its role in muscle development, research shows that low NAD+ has been associated with aging hallmarks and may be linked to the cause of various age-related diseases, such as metabolic disorders, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases. An increase in NAD+ levels may slow or even reverse the effects of aging by keeping the age-related morbidities at bay. These fantastic benefits suggest a promising therapeutic strategy that can significantly benefit the senior population.

So, who should get NAD IV Therapy? Anyone suffering from low energy levels, feeling persistently sluggish, or wishing to enhance overall physical and cognitive performance can undergo the therapy. Older people who want to retain youthful health may also be a candidate for the excellent use of NAD.

Do not let low energy or the impact of aging affect your productivity and overall quality of life. NAD IV therapy has been used successfully in many people, allowing for a better sense of wellness.


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