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How To Choose The Best Anti-Aging Treatment

By December 20, 2017No Comments

Aging is a part of everyone’s existence, and often times, we never think it will catch up with us. In our 20s we spend every waking moment in the sun — baking our skin — and live our college days eating fast-food and avoiding proper nutrition. And, then we get a little older and notice our skin is a little more discolored, and our weight has fluctuated upwards — tipping the scale a little too much! Luckily, in this day and age, there are countless anti-aging treatments available, but sometimes we don’t know where to begin. Follow along in this article to help you choose the best anti-aging protocol for you!


Getting started: the art of renewing you

Women face a myriad of symptoms as they age, including fatigue, low libido (sex drive), weight gain, muscle loss, insomnia, and irritability, not to mention the societal pressures of having to look a certain way as you age — there is so much pressure! Below you’ll find ways to support healthy aging and feel renewed in the process.

  • Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy (BHPT) – In our anti-aging clinic, we use BHPT as a way to address testosterone and estradiol issues. If you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms, BHRT can help address a low sex drive, decreased sexual sensation, weight gain, increased fat mass, decreased lean mass, decreased focus and attention, mood swings, and decreased bone density. BHPT are naturally-based hormone pellets about the size of a grain of rice that are inserted into the upper-hip region. After insertion, the body slowly metabolizes the pellet, releasing a steady dose of bioidentical hormones — either estradiol or testosterone.
  • Growth Hormone – If you’re experiencing a longer healing or recovery time in your muscles or skin, a loss of body hair, poor sleep patterns, and wrinkled skin, growth hormone may help. At our anti-aging clinic we’ll assess your HGH levels and put together a regimen to follow.
  • Peptides – Our peptides are a series of short-chained amino acids that can be natural, bioidentical, or synthetic, and they help regulate many known processes in the body. New research has come out in the recent years, and peptides are becoming a focus in anti-aging medicine because of their therapeutic properties — including hormone production.


Do I choose hormones or peptides?

The anti-aging therapies all address aging related issues, but in slightly different ways. Once you make an appointment we can go more in-depth on which mechanism is best, but it is a personal choice.

Some women choose BHPT because of its simplicity — a hormone pellet is inserted in an in-office procedure and from there you have effortless hormone delivery method in which you don’t have to use a cream, take a pill, or change patches.

Other women will choose growth hormone injections because they address different symptoms than BHPT, including increased performance, improved metabolism, and increased skin thickness.

Peptides are different than hormones in that they act on membrane receptors and not nuclear receptors as hormones do. When peptides trigger the membrane receptors, the intracellular signaling is activated with a more rapid response time and less side effects compared to hormones. Peptides are more tissue-selective, making them more precise in their execution.

Each anti-aging method will vary depending on your lifestyle and what you’re looking to accomplish. Please contact us today at YM to schedule an anti-aging consultation!

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