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6 Anti-Aging Myths & Misconceptions

By December 25, 2020No Comments

There are hundreds of anti-aging misconceptions out there, and while they have been proven to be false by modern studies, some people still believe them. In this blog, we debunked six anti-aging myths and misconceptions. Do you know the facts?

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In This Article:

  1. Leg Crossing Causes Varicose Veins
  2. Acne Goes Away as You Age
  3. The More Water You Drink, the Better
  4. Food Doesn’t Affect Your Skincare
  5. You Only Need Sunscreen If It’s Sunny Outside
  6. If It Burns, Stings, or Hurts, That Means It’s Working


Anti-Aging Myths Can Lead to Some Fatal Mistakes

Leg Crossing Causes Varicose Veins

a group of people sitting cross-legged in an office | Leg Crossing Causes Varicose Veins | 6 Anti-Aging Myths & Misconceptions

It has been a point of argument between scientists, doctors, and researchers that crossing your legs for a long time can interfere with blood circulation, which leads to varicose veins. However, many other factors cause you to have varicose veins, such as pregnancy, genetics, and obesity. Some of the easiest solutions for treating this condition are leg exercises and massage to help with blood circulation.

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Acne Goes Away as You Age

One of the most common anti-aging myths is that acne will go away with age. People tend to think puberty is the only moment that acne shows on your skin. But this concept is proven to be false as acne can happen even when you grow older.

Women during menopause are very likely to experience acne due to the fluctuation of hormones. The male hormone androgen increases the sebum production in the oil glands and causes dead skin cells that lead to clogged pores and blemishes. To cope with menopause and hormone changing conditions, you can get help with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Testosterone Therapy that YM provides.


The More Water You Drink, the Better

Another one on the list of most misunderstood anti-aging myths is the more water you drink, the better your health. Everyone knows drinking plenty of water can help you a lot with your digestion, hydration, and other bodily functions. This is true to some extent, but drinking more water than you need to can actually be dangerous. It will give you the opposite effects, such as hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication, causing the inside of cells to flood due to abnormally low sodium levels in your bloodstream.

Studies show that the recommended total daily fluid intake should be 3 liters for men and 2,2 liters for women.


Food Doesn’t Affect Your Skincare

Anyone who has a clear understanding or knowledge of skincare knows that eating certain types of food will have various impacts on your skin condition. However, not everyone is aware of these impacts.

Components in the food you eat can affect your skin condition on a cellular level. For instance, foods with a high glycemic index such as potatoes, bread, and pasta stimulate the formation of advanced glycation endproducts and increase the level of blood sugar, which will destroy the elastin fibers and healthy collagen. As a result, your skin can lose its elasticity and flexibility.


You Only Need Sunscreen If It’s Sunny Outside

a young woman applying sun screen in the shade | You Only Need Sunscreen If It?s Sunny Outside | 6 Anti-Aging Myths & Misconceptions

This next anti-aging myth is considered one of the most well known and most commonly misunderstood, possibly due to logical thinking. If you’re in the shade, you are not exposed to the sun. However, this is proven to be false as the shade cannot completely shield you from the indirect exposure to the UV radiation emitted from the sun.

UV rays can bounce off reflective surfaces such as concrete, sand, water, or even snow. Shading under trees or your umbrella can help you receive less direct exposure to UV radiation but reflected UV rays still surround you.

Overexposure to this harmful radiation can lead to skin cancer. That’s why wearing sunscreen all the time is necessary, even when you’re indoors.


If It Burns, Stings, or Hurts, That Means It’s Working

Feeling the burn might be great if you’re working out at the gYunique, but not so much when you’re trying new products. If you start to get a stinging or burning feeling in the applied area, it’s your body’s way of telling you there is an irritant on the skin, and you should stop using the product immediately. Make sure you check the product label for advice on what steps to take, and for more severe cases, consult a medical professional.

These are only just some of the few common misconceptions and anti-aging myths out there. If you’re trying to get healthy or want some help in slowing the aging process, careful research is needed. However, you can save yourself a whole lot of time by contacting us at YM. We offer cutting edge therapies for health optimization.


Which other anti-anti aging myths and misconceptions do you think need to be listed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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