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Are Weight Loss Patches Effective? Everything You Need to Know

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“Do you want to lose weight without even trying?” – This is what you will hear from companies preying on people struggling to lose weight. However, when it comes to weight loss, there is no shortcut. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the latest get-slim-quick method, “weight loss patches.”

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Weight Loss Patches: Another Fad or a Savior for the Overweight?

What Is a Weight Loss Patch?

slim patch on woman's belly Are Weight Loss Patches Effective Everything You Need to Know

A weight loss patch is an adhesive transdermal patch that delivers a ‘weight-loss’ formulation through the skin and into the bloodstream. The premise of this modality is that if some natural, plant-based ingredients can promote weight loss when taken orally, they can also help you shed some pounds when absorbed through your skin.

However, the ability of a substance to penetrate transdermally varies from different skin areas and depends on other factors, such as the molecular size of the ingredients. In other words, substances included in the patches, like green coffee bean extract or green tea extract, must be small enough to permeate the skin barrier to be effective.

Therefore, weight loss patches have become a controversial topic among people who wish to get into better shape. Furthermore, the FDA has not approved weight loss patches. There are several hidden secrets about this approach that you should know before deciding whether it is right for you.


How Does a Weight Loss Patch Work?

One of the most common ingredients used in weight loss patches, especially among plant-based supplement advocates, is green coffee extracts. This is due to their supposed ability to reduce body weight and fat. However, research on green coffee extract in supplements has been inconclusive, and longer, more thorough trials are required.

Weight loss patches utilize beneficial though inadequately researched ingredients like green coffee extract to promote weight loss, but at a faster rate than oral supplements due to the bypass effects of the transdermal route. Nevertheless, the efficacy of this modality remains in question as more research is needed.


Are Weight Loss Patches Effective?

Weight loss patches contain active ingredients that help improve metabolism. Chlorogenic acids in green coffee beans can boost fat metabolism, lower cholesterol, and reduce triglyceride levels. These effects are minimal, sporadic, and inconsistent due to undefined absorption. The FDA does not regulate weight loss patches.


Do Weight Loss Patches Have Side Effects?

young tired unhealthy girl Are Weight Loss Patches Effective Everything You Need to Know

There is a widespread misconception that any supplement or therapeutic good made of natural, plant-based ingredients is safe and poses no risks to human health. However, just because it is natural does not mean it is healthy. For example, excessive green coffee consumption might cause caffeine-related side effects, including headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and abnormal heartbeat.

Some weight loss patches may not have side effects. Why? Because they will not do anything to your body at all! Due to the “set it and forget it” mechanism, you only have to apply the patch on your skin and leave it there for several hours. Therefore, it can be difficult, even impossible, to tell if it is working.

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The Bottom Line – Diet and Exercise: the Cornerstones of Weight Loss

If you are looking for a practical approach to sustainably losing weight, diet and exercise should be the foundation for your weight-loss plan. Even if weight loss patches provide beneficial effects, they are not a suitable replacement for a healthy diet and physical activity. Start by changing your everyday meals, lowering your caloric intake, and gradually increasing your exercise.

The most common mistake when trying to lose pounds fast is setting an unachievable goal. Your body needs time to adapt to any specific regime, and the rate at which you lose weight depends on your body type. Taking so-called shortcuts will only result in unsustainable weight loss.


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