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Bio-Identical hormone pellet therapy has changed my life! I finally feel great about “me” again! Goodbye to night sweats, mood swings, brain fogs, lack of energy and the list goes on… I have been struggling with issues over the last couple years and finally found a medical provider, Larry Siegel, ARNP to listen to me and address my symptoms. From my initial visit, I have felt very comfortable with him along with the entire staff. The Oxford location is very welcoming and has such a comfortable setting. If you are suffering from some of the symptoms I have mentioned, don’t be afraid to talk to a medical professional that specializes in this area! I highly recommend Larry Siegel! I wish, I would have done this a year ago! Thank you Larry, for bringing the old “me” back again!

S. Graham

Going to Yunique Medical is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Bio identical hormones literally changed my life. Living with symptoms of menopause is just stupid, and why a lot of Drs think that’s ok is beyond me. Larry Siegel is amazing, so professional and knowledgeable and kind! If you’re having hormonal issues I highly recommend Larry Siegel at Yunique Medical!

D. Holleman

I’ve been getting bio-identical hormone pellets from Larry for almost a year now. This has 100% changed my life. I never knew how depleted I was in Testosterone!! This has changed my whole life. No more depression, no more inflammation, no more pains and aches, full of energy, full of life, not to mention my whole body has awoken !!! I feel like a woman again!! I’ve recommended so many friends to him and I will continue! What he does…. he does with compassion. I adore him and his whole staff! Everyone is on spot with helping me as well as every patient I am sure get the most out of their life!!

S. Pastorius

Yunique Medical has offered hope to me after feeling “really lousy” for a number of years! Everyone has been incredibly helpful, supportive, and understanding. Larry has explained so much to me in an easily understandable manner and I’m so very appreciative of his knowledge and caring manner. I’m anxious to begin new supplements and am scheduled to begin hormone pellet therapy this coming week. Looking forward to a healthier, happier, and more vibrant me! Thank you all at Yunique–you rock!! 

D. Long

Excellent!!! I feel like there’s finally hope that I’ll feel like the old me again! Very thorough, fully explained the what and why of everything and now there’s a plan in place to get me balanced.

L. Colvais

I have been receiving bio-identical pellet injections for a year now. I feel great. No more hot flashes. My skin looks great. I feel good and I sleep good. I would highly recommend their services.

L. Grasso

I highly recommend this facility to any woman suffering from menopause symptoms . I tried every medication with no luck until I met Larry and his staff . Bio identical Hormone replacement pellets are truly a miracle !!! Larry and his staff are wonderful.

E. Gallagher

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