Yunique Medical delivers cutting
edge therapies for health optimization.


Yunique Medical delivers cutting edge therapies for health optimization.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

A variety of hormone treatments to combat hormonal imbalance at any age.

If you’re not feeling 100%, suspect you may have a hormonal imbalance, and want to do something about it, we can help.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Naturally-based hormone pellet therapy for men and women. Bioidentical pellets are designed to work with each patient’s body chemistry, releasing a natural dose of hormones throughout the treatment cycle.

They offer many benefits and have distinct features that set it apart, including no-hassle dosing.

TruAge – Biological Age Testing

Determines your biological age based on your DNA, which is a much more accurate indicator of your health and youthfulness than your chronological age.

Find out how your body has been affected by changes in your diet, activity levels, sleep patterns, and environmental exposure. Then you can take steps to reverse your biological age.

Medical Weight Loss

Yunique’s 90-day medical weight loss program uses extensive blood work, medical history, and scientific principles to build a personalized algorithm for weight loss prescription medication.

It’s a customized, non-surgical weight loss program that utilizes the right combination of clinical and lifestyle support to fit your personal needs.

Functional Medicine​

This holistic treatment sets out a patient-centered care program that is personalized for your needs.

Our practitioners will spend time to gather all your medical information, identify the root cause(s) or triggers of any illness, and tailor a plan for you to take charge of your health.

Peptide Therapy

The next thing in optimization and performance medicine… a game changer!

Peptide therapy is an exciting, cutting-edge medical science that uses specific amino acid sequences called “peptides” that enhance the entire body’s function by signaling optimal health improvement messages.

Testosterone Therapy

Effective treatment for the symptoms of low testosterone.

With testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), we will assess your hormonal baseline and design a personalized health regimen that’s all about increased energy, mood, and looking and feeling younger, healthier, and optimal!

Growth Hormone Replacement

A personalized treatment regimen that can treat the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

While nothing can stop aging itself, we can help you age more gracefully and take advantage of good health benefits longer.

IV Nutrition Therapy

This popular therapy delivers 100% of nutrients directly into the bloodstream and is a safe and effective method used for a variety of health benefits and optimizing wellness.

Support your body’s restorative capacity to help fight immune challenges and chronic health problems like inflammation, weight gain, and fatigue. IV Nutrition therapy will give you an energy boost and support athletic recovery, detoxification, and illness prevention.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

Our therapy where light performs as a natural antibiotic to increase the body’s immune response.

The simple procedure takes a small amount of blood which is then passed through tubing and exposed briefly to UV light. The treated blood is then injected back into the patient’s bloodstream.

IV Ozone Therapy

This unique treatment supports healing and can be applied for anti-aging purposes.

Ozone has three oxygen atoms instead of two, so this supercharged oxygen has wonderful healing properties and helps improve a patient’s health.

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We offer treatments to patients in Central Florida. We have offices located in Ocala, Daytona, Orlando, and Fruitland Park. Contact us for details about any of our services.