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What Is Your Biological Age?

How old are you ? really? If you base your age on the number of birthdays you?ve celebrated, you may be using the wrong measurement. It makes sense if you think about it. You?ve probably noticed that the people around you are aging at vastly different speeds. Why do some people stay healthy and vital so much longer than others?

Scientists may have found the answer, and it starts with changing how we think about our age. Simply put, instead of counting the candles on the cake, we should be measuring specific biomarkers of age at a cellular level This determines your biological age, which is much more accurate indicator of your health and youthfulness than your chronological age.

At this point, you may be wondering why would you want to know your biological age ? isn?t your chronological age enough to contend with?

Here?s the most important thing: Knowledge is power. You can use the information you receive regarding your biomarkers and take concrete steps to lower your biological age. That?s because biomarkers respond to changes in things like your diet, activity levels, sleep patterns, and environmental exposure. In other words, armed with the right information, you can actually age backwards!

Can you reverse your biological age?

If the ability to help yourself become younger sounds too good to be true, it?s not. Biomarkers of aging power your epigenetic clock, which is a far more accurate indicator of your biological age than the number of candles on the cake. And improved testing capabilities enable you to customize your approach based on your unique DNA.


There are many ways you can measure your biological age, but the epigenetic clock is the most accurate and precise biological age predictor.

The epigenetic clock is the most robust predictor of biological age to date. It is able to predict all-cause mortality independent of several risk factors such as age, body mass index (BMI), education, physical activity, alcohol use, smoking and certain comorbidities.

Trudiagnostics test


The most advanced testing for epigentics

TruAge tests from TruDiagnostics have the most robust epigenetic test and technology in the world and we are excited to bring this technology to our patients at Yunique Medical.

These tests take very specific measurements of your epigenetic age. We can use the information found in these tests to develop personalized anti-aging protocols created by thorough analysis of specific biomarkers. These treatments use combinations of substances such peptides, metformin, senolytics as well as strategies for lifestyle changes and supplementation. It?s all based on how you are aging.

As a health-conscious person, you probably know that a healthy lifestyle can prolong your life and make you appear younger. Having data that provides concrete numbers regarding your epigenetic age can both provide inspiration and help you fine tune your plan for healthy living and lasting vitality.

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