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Peptides: Their Benefits On Functional Medicine

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Peptide Therapy is a cutting-edge medical science that uses peptides to communicate with various parts of the body to improve and enhance that area’s function. Peptides are a growing field in functional medicine because of the many benefits.

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Optimize Your Mind, Body, and Life with Peptides

What Are Peptides and Peptide Therapy?

To put it simply, peptides are messenger molecules composed of small proteins that perform several hormone production and cell-to-cell communication roles.

Scientifically peptide therapy is done by binding peptides to receptors on the cell surface and sending out optimal health improvement messages.

About 7,000 naturally occurring peptides have been identified to date. Since peptides are often found naturally in the body, they are usually very well-tolerated and extremely safe.


Peptides Benefits

Thanks to the advancement of technology and science, the limit of peptide therapy seems to be endless. Here are only some of the benefits that peptide therapy offers.


Weight Loss

5-amino 1MQ is a precious peptide for helping you to cut down on your weight because it allows your body to burn fat for energy while maintaining muscle mass.

Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) is a cytosolic enzyme that controls the cell’s energy balance and the cause of weight gain. 5-amino 1MQ helps you to control the amount of fat produced within the body. While there is still ongoing research on the benefits of this peptide, these are the ones that they found:

  • Improves cellular energy
  • Increases satellite cell production and proliferation, giving you more contractile ability and athletic power as a result
  • Increases NAD+ levels, which is an anti-aging compound
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Lowers cholesterol levels


To learn more about 5-amino 1MQ peptides and how it helps you lose weight read here: Is 5-Amino 1MQ an Effective Weight Loss Peptide?


Increase Muscle Growth

To increase muscle and stimulate your body, healthcare professionals use CJC-1295, a peptide hormone similar to a naturally occurring human hormone that stimulates Human Growth Hormone (HGH). As a result, it provides your body with a handful of benefits, including:

  • Better mood and overall sense of well-being
  • Higher libido levels
  • Better metabolism
  • Reduces fat
  • Improves joint and connective tissue health
  • Better immune system functionality
  • Increases strength and muscle mass


In addition to CJC-1295, ipamorelin also gives you various benefits, including:

  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Healthy skin, nail, and hair growth
  • Faster weight loss
  • Boosts lean muscle mass growth


Tesamorelin was found to reduce fat accumulated around the midsection; it also:

  • Increases strength and muscle mass
  • Increases exercise performance


Want to get a deeper look at how peptides help you increase muscle growth? Check this blog out: Peptide Therapy For Muscle Growth – looking at CJC-1295, Ipamorelin, and Tesamorelin

Or you can even check out a video where we talk about peptides:


Treat Autoimmune Skin Disorders

Attractive senior woman with perfect skin doing beauty procedures and anti-aging treatment at home. Morning routine.

Treating autoimmune disease with peptide therapy is a relatively new treatment method that aligns perfectly with a functional medicine approach. Unlike conventional treatments, peptides address autoimmune diseases at a cellular level.

One of the most common peptides for treating autoimmune skin disorders is BPC-157:

  • BPC-157 (Body Protection Compound 157) is a naturally occurring peptide found in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • BPC-157 is used for the gastrointestinal tract to improve digestive function, prevent gastric ulcers, protect and heal inflamed intestinal epithelium (leaky gut), eosinophilic esophagitis, help inflammatory bowel disease and protect the liver from toxic insults.
  • BPC-157 also targets conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, allergies, and inflammatory bowel diseases.


Read on to know more about the benefits of BPC-157 and treatment for autoimmune skin disorders: Peptide Therapy For Autoimmune Skin Disorders.


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