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How To Maintain A Healthy Weight?

By June 22, 2021No Comments

Losing weight is quite a task, but maintaining a healthy weight is a different challenge of its own. Find out how you can maintain a healthy weight with these tips.

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Tips to Get and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Don’t Skip Breakfast

person spreading butter on sanwich | How To Maintain A Healthy Weight?

This tip is extremely crucial for maintaining your healthy weight and boosting your energy in the morning. According to one research, 78 percent of 2,959 adults who sustained a 30-pound (14 kg) weight decrease for at least one year ate Breakfast every day.


Watch Your Diet

Protein can help lower hunger and induce fullness, so eating enough of it may help you maintain your healthy weight. Protein raises the levels of hormones in the body that cause satiety and are vital for weight management. Protein has also been proven to lower levels of hunger-inducing hormones.


Weigh Yourself Daily

person standing on white weight | How To Maintain A Healthy Weight?

Stepping on the scales on a regular basis to monitor your weight may be a valuable tool for weight maintenance. This is because it might make you aware of your progress and encourage weight-controlling activities.

In one study, those who weighed themselves six days a week ate 300 fewer calories each day on average than those who measured themselves less regularly.


Careful with Carbs

Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, white spaghetti, and fruit juices, might be damaging to your weight-maintenance objectives.

These foods have been depleted of natural fiber, which is required to produce satiety. Low fiber diets have been linked to weight gain and obesity.


Exercise Regularly

woman running on the beach with her athletic outfit | How To Maintain A Healthy Weight?

Exercising daily is without a single doubt the most important thing you can do to maintain a healthy weight. It gets you to burn off the excess body fat, strengthen your muscle, and increase your metabolism, which is needed to achieve energy balance.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking water improves circulation and increases your metabolism. One study showed that those who drank water before eating consumed up to 13 percent less than those who did not.

Furthermore, drinking water has been demonstrated to modestly enhance the number of calories you burn during the day.


Get Enough Sleep

woman turning off the lamp while lying next to a man | How To Maintain A Healthy Weight?

Getting enough sleep has a big impact on weight management. Sleep deprivation poses a significant risk factor for adult weight growth and may disrupt weight maintenance.

This is due in part to the fact that lack of sleep raises levels of ghrelin, sometimes known as the hunger hormone, since it stimulates appetite.

On the other hand, it’s suggested that having from 7 to 8 hours of sleep can increase your mental health, blood circulation, boost your energy, and enhance your metabolism.

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Stress Control

Stress management is a crucial aspect of weight management. In fact, high-stress levels can lead to weight gain by boosting cortisol levels, a hormone released in reaction to stress. Stress is a major trigger for compulsive eating, which occurs when you eat even when you are not hungry.

Fortunately, there are several stress-relieving activities available, such as exercise, yoga, and meditation.


Get Help from Experts

man being guided by expert for a better posture while lifting dumbell | How To Maintain A Healthy Weight?

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right route to maintain a healthy weight, so it’s good to seek help from experts in the field.

YM’s team, with years of experience in the medical field and expertise in peptide, hormone replacement, weight loss, and management, can support you. Using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment, the YM weight loss program will find the core of weight gain. Then help you reach and maintain your ideal healthy weight.


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