middle age handsome man apply anti aging cream | Feature | 6 Anti-Aging Myths & Misconceptions

6 Anti-Aging Myths & Misconceptions

There are hundreds of anti-aging misconceptions out there, and while they have been proven to be false by modern studies, some people still believe them. In this blog, we debunked six anti-aging myths and misconceptions. Do you know the facts?

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Micopscoptic image of senescen cells on blue background - Feature - SS

The Role Of Senescent Cells And Hormone Therapy

As senescent cells accumulate with age, they churn out inflammatory proteins, causing tissue dysfunction and forcing neighboring cells into senescence. Many scholars who study aging now consider senescent cells as drivers of the physical decline that plagues old age and a contributor to various age-related diseases.

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a woman sketching her arms on the bed in the morning | Feature | How to Have More Energy In the Morning

How to Have More Energy In the Morning

Autoimmune Skin Disorders includes Behcet’s disease, dermatomyositis, lupus, and pemphigus Since the skin is the most visible area affected by autoimmune diseases, the symptoms may appear through blisters, lesions, rashes, and scaly patches.

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Hormesis | Use Stress To Your Advantage | Feature

Hormesis | Use Stress To Your Advantage

What if we told you that you could take the bad things that happen to your body and turn them into useful things by doing them with caution? That practice is called hormesis, and in this post, we’ll examine exactly what it is and how to use it correctly.

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Florida-epigenetics-biological-age-test-TruAge feat

How Old Are You Really? Test Your Biological Age With TruAge

The TruAge tests take very specific measurements of your epigenetic age through a thorough analysis of specific biomarkers. The resulting information can be used to develop your own personalized anti-aging treatments using combinations of substances such as peptides, hormones and senolytics. We also discuss positive strategies for lifestyle habits and supplementation. It’s all based on how you, very specifically, are aging on a cellular level.

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Is A Hormone Imbalance The Cause Of Your Health Issues

Is A Hormone Imbalance The Cause Of Your Health Issues?

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