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Yunique Medical specializes in precision and longevity medicine, designed to elevate your mind and body to optimal levels. The realization that your body isn’t performing as it once did can be disheartening. While aging is a fact of life, the advancements in modern medicine offer a pathway to reversal. Employing cutting-edge scientific techniques, we precisely target and rectify the underlying causes of your concerns, propelling you toward peak performance and vitality.

Why be normal when you can be optimal?


Beyond Optimizations

Precision Treatment Plans

The human body is a beautifully complex machine consisting of millions of cells, short chain amino acids, hormones, and other components that work in perfect synchrony to make you accomplish feats of mental and physical prowess. As you grow older the male and female biological systems no longer work perfectly, and you may suffer from fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, brain fog, and inability to lose weight. Men and women can both experience low or no libido, while men are affected with ED, women may experience hot flashes and night sweats.

Yunique Medical can change that. Regardless of where you are at, we help you take charge of your health and reclaim optimal wellness. You can do much more than simply take medications. Using actual science, we measure your health biomarkers, identify the causes of your symptoms, and curate treatment plans. We fine-tune your body to ensure your internal components return to harmony.



Larry Siegel, APRN

Founder & Medical Director Yunique Medical

Yunique Medical

Award-Winning Medical Center

Yunique Medical is a medical center founded by Larry Siegel, NP, a highly-acclaimed medical professional specializing in cellular & functional medicine. Yunique is committed to helping clients optimize the function of their mind and body with advanced therapies, such as short chain amino acid therapy, hormones, and weight loss solutions. We use cutting-edge solutions to systematically dismantle the underlying imbalances responsible for your symptoms, helping you achieve perfect balance.


Art and Science

At Yunique Medical, we believe that blending art with science transcends traditional healthcare, transforming medical science into an extraordinary form of art. Where conventional medicine often follows a one-size-fits-all approach, rooted in standard protocols and treatments, we recognize the intricate complexity of every individual.

Our approach to healthcare is profoundly personalized, adapting to the distinct needs, symptoms, and aspirations of each client. This level of customization elevates our practice beyond mere science; it becomes an art form, where every treatment is designed to reflect the singular journey of each person we serve. This personalized touch ensures that your experience will be as unique as you are, marking a new era in the pursuit of health and well-being.

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Mark S.

I have been working with Yunique for several years. I have continual good experiences with them. Larry and staff treat me great and seem to be as much friends as professionals...

Jennifer W.

Night and day. That’s what I say when someone asks how my bio identical hormone replacement is going. I now have energy, no night sweats or hot flashes, started losing some weight...

Trish D.

I've just started getting treatment recently, but I already feel better. The hot flashes and night sweats have stopped! Thank God for YM...

Nadine M.

"Life changing" is the phrase I most often heard from people in recommending bioidentical hormone replacement. I would have to agree. Larry and his team have been an important part of my healthcare....

Rita T.

Yunique Medical has exceeded every expectation. I have lost 30 pounds in 4 months and fitting again in clothing sizes of 8 years ago. Thank you Larry and his amazing staff...

Sharron D.

I posted a review about staff but need to also speak about Yunique Medical. I was having sleepless nights, severe sweating, and fatigue just to name a few of my problems...

Joanne G.

No one tells you what to expect when you go through menopause. The atrophy, weight gain, exhaustion and achy joints to name a few. Yunique Medical and Larry have changed my life...

Elizabeth S.

After being sick for YEARS, I met Larry and his staff at Yunique Medical and has been a true blessing for my health! I feel amazing! I thank God for sending him to my life...

Dolores H.

Larry is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, and friendly! His whole staff is professional and so nice! Bioidentical hormones can change your life...

Peter M.

This is a very customer/patient-oriented practice. Larry is extremely well-informed on cutting-edge short chain amino acid therapies and provides excellent advice on using them to address your unique health objectives....

Michael G.

Amazing staff. Just starting the process with Larry. If your missing the quality of life you know you should have he’s your guy! I can say for myself after the first visit I have had some of the best days of my life...

Sarah E.

I wanted to try Yunique Medical because I felt my health was declining and was not getting answers from doctors. I employed Larry and his team on my quest to find these answers...



Up to 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalance

1 in 4 men, over the age of 30, have low testosterone

The Solution

With tools, knowledge, and experience, we investigate your biomarkers and provide a customized plan to restore hormonal harmony. We also improve thyroid, adrenal, and cellular function with natural supplements, IV nutrients, and short-chain amino acids to help you achieve optimal health at the cellular level.



hormone therapy

Optimal Balance, Peak Vitality

Redefine Your Hormonal Health

Hormone optimization uses specific bioidentical hormones to improve overall health and wellness. Hormone therapy involves inserting specialized bioidentical hormone pellets underneath the skin to restore optimal hormone levels and sexual health, energy levels, mood, sleep, and overall health.


Low Energy, Anxiety, Sleep or Weight Issues?

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Founded by Larry Siegel, Yunique Medical has established itself as a leader in personalized healthcare, particularly in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and advanced health optimization techniques.


Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

Advanced techniques

We offer a medically-supervised and dynamic weight loss program that combines hormone therapy, short chain amino acid therapy, nutrition support, supplementation, and medications to help you achieve and maintain your goal weight.


Let us help you inspire yourself

Elevate Tomorrow

Longevity Medicine for the Youthful Seeker

Step into a world where aging is optional with Yunique Medical’s innovative approach to longevity medicine. Tailored for the forward-thinking youth, our precision-focused services are designed to enhance vitality and peak performance from the get-go. Embrace our proactive health strategies to boost your physical and mental prowess, ensuring a lifetime of robust wellness. Embark on a journey to a vibrant future, where every day is lived at its fullest potential.


Improve Mood, Cognition & Focus

Brain health affects every aspect of your life, from your memory and concentration to your mood. We offer hormone therapy and short chain amino acid therapy to improve your cognitive health. We help you regain mental clarity and stimulate the brain centers of confidence, cognition, and acuity.

Older man with surfboard

Restful Sleep

Good sleep is essential for an optimal life. Sleeping affects your physical and mental health, energy levels, emotional balance, productivity, and weight. We investigate the root cause of your sleep problems and offer personalized solutions to help you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and revitalized.

Weight Loss & Reduce Body Fat

Weight gain can have a vast impact on your quality of life and increase the risk of disease. We offer a medically supervised, science-based weight loss program that targets the underlying causes of weight gain to help you lose weight and, most importantly, keep it off!

Anti-Aging & Longevity

Living a long, healthy, and vibrant life is important to all of us. Over time, your body goes through numerous changes that lead to the signs and symptoms of aging, such as low energy, sexual dysfunction, and brain fog. We facilitate cellular regeneration and restore optimal hormone levels to help you age gracefully.

Energy Boost

Being fully energized means taking control of your day. Fatigue drags you down and could signify stress, lifestyle problems, or even an underlying medical condition. We offer hormone and peptide therapy, IV and NAD+ therapy, and nutritional counseling to help you enhance productivity, ignite your life, and get things done.

Heightened Sexual Desire

Good sex is essential for a healthy and balanced life, especially since it can boost your overall health in surprising ways. For men, low libido and ongoing ED can cause prolonged stress and negatively affect self-confidence. Women can also suffer from low libido, an inability to climax, and vaginal dryness, which leads to painful sex. We offer personalized sexual enhancement solutions to help you reach new levels of stamina, pleasure, and satisfaction.



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Discover a Revolution in Wellness

Yunique Medical is a next-generation medical center for the discerning individual committed to leading an optimally productive life. We provide a dynamic form of healthcare that requires active participation.

We are driven by a culture of empathy and open-mindedness, and each staff member shares the same philosophy regarding alternative, elevated treatments. To belong to the Yunique family, you must be on the same wavelength, willing to accept harsh truths, and take accountability for your life and actions. If you’re willing to make that commitment, your journey toward an elevated self can begin.

Yunique Medical does not accept insurance. We view optimal health as an investment, and if you become a patient with us you should expect to spend approximately $2500 investing in your treatments each year.

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